My Unix/Linux Story with Afrinic


I was sitting on my chair when i received the email from AFRINIC Training and Internet Society that have been chosen as one of the candidate to take part in the course Introduction to Unix and Linux. Learning Linux has always been my dream so i accepted the invitation with my hands open and with all my heart. The first week was great where i was introduced to the historical development of Unix system and Linux and also introduced to FreeBSD. I was also introduced to Network operations where i learnt about IPV4 and IPV6 and some of their differences. As at week 2 am writing some certain commands using the online Lab that was administered to us, furthering my knowledge i downloaded a Linux like OS on my mobile phone (Android) and started running same commands and so far the journey have been interesting and fun. Thanks to the moderators who always responds to questions as fast as possible and for guiding us right. Thanks to AFRINIC Training and Internet Society. This has been a dream come true.



SRE| DevOps Engineer| Terminal Freak| SWE| Building Community|

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